Monday, August 29, 2011

Protists in Singapore - New Website!

Last month I featured photos of some protozoans that I found in a pond on the NUS campus (part 1, part 2). Even though it's somewhere right in the middle of the city, there's plenty of wild life to see if you're lucky enough to have a microscope to see it with.

Those images and plenty more are now on a new website that I've put together, Protists in Singapore, hosted at Wordpress. My aim is to highlight these under-appreciated organisms, which most nature enthusiasts have overlooked.

The guide itself is organized by the different groups of protists that one might commonly encounter. Navigate using the menu bar underneath the banner at the top of the page.

In addition to the named groups of protists, there are two other pages: Interactions, which highlights examples of interactions between different organisms, and By-catch, which features organisms other than protists, such bacteria and animals, that can also be observed in the same habitats.

A typical page will have both photographs and videos (hosted at Vimeo), as well as a short description.

Write in at the Contact page to let me know whether you found it useful!

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