Sunday, October 09, 2005

Is Evolution a secular religion?

I came across the article in the Science Magazine, and thought it fitting in view of the storm kicked up in US about intelligent design and even the attitudes of some students in local schools.

I liked his concluding remarks, "...we who cherish science should be careful to distinguish when we are doing science and when we are extrapolating from it, particularly when we are teaching our students. If it is science that is to be taught, then teach science and nothing more. Leave the other discussions for a more appropriate time."

"Is Evolution a Secular Religion?" Michael Ruse Science, Vol 299, Issue 5612, 1523-1524 , 7 March 2003.

See also "Science and Religion: Lessons from History?" John Brooke Science, Vol 282, Issue 5396, 1985-1986 , 11 December 1998.

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