Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BBC News - "More Flores 'Hobbits' described."

"More Flores 'Hobbits' described." BBC NEWS, 11 Oct 2005.

'Last year scientists reported that a single, partial skeleton that was little more than a metre tall and lived 18,000 years ago was of a small people that once lived on Flores island, Indonesia. This human species was new to science, and called Homo floresiensis.

Now, more remains of have been discovered - skeletal remains from at least nine of the "Hobbit-like" individuals, including missing parts of the old skeleton.

The researchers are now more convinced than ever that Homo floresiensis represents a distinct species and not some diseased individual of modern human (Homo sapiens) as some sceptics have suggested.

"The finds further demonstrate that LB1 is not just an aberrant or pathological individual but is representative of a long-term population," they write in Nature.'


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