Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Frog dissection Ipad app

Gizmodo mentioned a frog dissection Ipad app.

Though it will not replace the real experience of moving through the layers of tissue and muscles, it will be handy as an introduction and revision hence after.






Nicola said...

Emantras is getting ready to launch an updated version of Frog Dissection with the following features:
- 5 more organs (Spleen, Large Intestine, Gallbladder, Pancreas & Fat Bodies).
- Voiceovers for Instruction & Reading.
- Detailed Labels.
- All About Frogs (Classification, Lifecycle, Organ function etc).
- A look into the Human body vs. Frog Body.

Stay tuned to www.punflay.com for more developments.

Nicola said...

Frog dissection Version 1.2 is out now. New features have been included! Here's the link: http://punflay.com/frog-dissection-appstore.html

Nicola.zs said...

Emantras is getting ready to launch Rat Dissection for the iPad. The app will be hitting the store soon. Do check it out...

Nicola said...

Do check out our new site- http://frogvirtualdissection.com/