Monday, January 23, 2006

Chimpanzee behaviour research blog

Alexander Georgiev and colleagues are producing a blog from the Department of Anthropology at Harvard. He writes:

"Currently we've got one of our post-docs in the field in Kibale Forest, Uganda and while there he's writing a blog with news on what he's up to.

Trying to make this broadly educational, we've also got some stuff on the chimps that are studied there - the Kanyawara community. Lots of cool photos, too.The site will be undergoing major changes in the next months so I wanted to get feedback from people: any comments and suggestions would be great.

Do you like the blog as it is? What is it that you'd like to get more info on in particular? Do you think having this kind of 'personal touch' from researchers in the field might be useful in helping students to feel more engaged in the study of animal behaviour in general and chimps in particular? Yes/no - why?

Looking forward to any constructive criticism." - georgiev AT


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