Thursday, September 01, 2005

"Asiatic cheetahs caught on camera"

Asiatic cheetah
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"It's amazing what a remote camera will pick up.
This remarkable image of Asiatic cheetahs was captured by automatic equipment in an isolated region of Iran's Dar-e Anjir Wildlife Refuge.

The picture shows mum and her four youngsters resting in the shade of a tree."

"Once ranging from the Red Sea to India, the Asiatic cheetah today numbers fewer than 60 animals on the entire Asian continent, mostly on Iran's arid central plateau.

"As a species the cheetah is still in dire straits in Iran, so it is extremely encouraging to see an apparently healthy family in their native habitat," said Dr Peter Zahler, from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which has been working with Iranian biologists to survey the cats since 2001."

See "Asiatic cheetahs caught on camera." BBC News, 31 Aug 2005.

See also Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project.

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