Friday, March 04, 2005

Homo floriensis microcephaly scotched

LB1 is the first female skeleton discovered at the Liang Bua site, reported in October 2004 and described as Homo florisiensis.

After the discovery, several researchers hadsuggested that the remains were really those of a modern human (Homo sapiens), probably a pygmy with the brain defect known as microcephaly

Paul Rincon of BBC News reports "Hobbit was 'not a diseased human'" based on the article "The Brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis" in Science that was just published online (03 Mar 2005).

"The overall shape of LB1's the brain resembles Homo erectus (an earlier ancestor of modern humans) more than anything else. But it's its own thing," said Dean Falk, the corresponding author of the study.

"It has some very advanced features that harken towards [modern] humans. Those features are at the frontal lobe, the temporal lobes at the sides and at the back of the brain. In our opinion, LB1 is not in any way, shape or form, a true microcephalic."

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