Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Poetry in conservation

This beautiful piece of work was written by an undergrad who took our conservation module last semester.

Over the sweet work of verdant greens and violet blues
ruleth Nature - the sovereign queen.
One touch of Her Majesty makes the whole world kin,
The mightiest space in fortune she does bring;
Of riches and beauty in her glorious kingdom her people do sing.

Why do we now see her countenance pale and glory stripped?
Wherein did the sacred and fragile balance tip?
Where and why did things go wrong?
Why do we no longer hear the fair queen's song?

Hath not in Nature's mystery more knowledge and science,
Than can be beheld by Men's painful ignorance and vile defiance?
Hath not Nature given them eyes,
Can they not hear Her Majesty's piteous and stoic cries?

Now Nature seems dead, and wicked dreams of Men suffuse,
Wanton destruction and evil schemes perfuse.
A vicious tear in Nature's fabric Men hath wrought,
Portending ills that were never before about.

To Men's unkindness and blind avarice,
Nature has shown clemency and great patience.
Long before Men hath come to realize that Nature is sick of her sufferance,
Tired of shedding claret tears and choking on silent laments,

Her Majesty may hath given up,
Her life sapped and light snuffed out.
Will the queen rise again one day,
Before the final end comes and the world starts to sway?

Will Men’s repentance cast the spell,
To save the world on which all life dwell?
Now Men can only hope, Men can only pray,
His efforts to save and conserve will one day pay.

May all is well that ends well,
And that to greed our heritage we do not sell.

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