Tuesday, August 24, 2004

IG Nobel Prizes

This was something I found while studying in the library when I was an undergrad. The entries were hilarious and sometimes, it is worrying to find that they are indeed actual scientific papers published in internationally refereed journals. e.g. the entry below:

Norma E. Bubier, Charles G.M. Paxton, Phil Bowers, and D. Charles Deeming of the United Kingdom, for their report "Courtship Behaviour of Ostriches Towards Humans Under Farming Conditions in Britain." [REFERENCE: "Courtship Behaviour of Ostriches (Struthio camelus) Towards humans Under Farming Conditions in Britain," Norma E. Bubier, Charles G.M. Paxton, P. Bowers, D.C. Deeming, 1998. British Poultry Science, 39 (4): 477-481.

Well its the middle of the week. So take some time for some light hearted humour and check out the link below. This will definitely be in my biology lessons in the future. :P

The Ig Nobel Prize Winners (2004 results out on 30 Sep 2004.


Sivasothi said...

I guess this would be important if you were the farm hand at the receiving end of the ostrich!

Andrew Sun said...

What's the RSS Url of this blog please?

Sivasothi said...

Hi there, here is the RSS feed.