Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What makes a good biology lesson?

Out of the blue I received notice that I will be 'volunteered' to attend a teaching workshop next Tuesday where lecturers and tutors gather to share their experience and exchange ideas. And to my horror, I cannot just slack away in the background; there is a chance I might have to speak.

So what can I share with the other tutors about my experience as a part time tutor teaching mainly undergraduate Biodiversity? A cursory attempt at thinking about it revealed nothing. All I can remember was preparing for the lesson before hand, arranging the specimens, sorting through what are the important points to deliver and finally roughing it out. At the end somehow you will feel if you had done a good job... or not.

What makes a good biology lesson? In my experience, making a subject interesting with stories and clear examples, infused with humour, should do the job. This was the formula I hold dear when I regard each lesson.

Does anyone have similar experiences to share? Or some pointers? Maybe this blog could be a crystallisation of various tactics of efficient teaching. Since the majority of us are biology educators in one way or another, this exchange should be useful.

Cheers all.

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