Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Chek Jawa survey

Again this started with the question, "Can you help with the Chek Jawa survey?" and I figured, no harm in spending a nice Sunday night in Pulau Ubin plodding along the rocky shores. Plus any excuse to go out to the field is totally fine with me.
Looking at the assemblage of volunteers who came for the training workshops; some 60 plus of them, plus a film crew, it was a heartening sight. No doubt this is a tiny bit of land at the tip of a small island perched north of a modestly sized island called Singapore. And yes, some of us groan (myself included) when we hear Chek Jawa being mentioned again. (sometimes it's like listening to a nice song being played too much on radio)
But I realised that, we cannot abandon Chek Jawa like some old CD, for this is a place that still needs our presence after the hype and attention died down. While there are other places which deserve just as much attention; one can hope that, there will be others who are inspired by what has been done at Chek Jawa, and pull off another green miracle.
Heh, I may be rambling, but then if the words above don't make sense, maybe the picture below will. Cheers.

See Chek Jawa Transect 2004 on Habitatnews

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